Cisco WS-X4515 Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Module 1 Year Warranty For Sale

Cisco WS-X4515 Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Module 1 Year Warranty

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Cisco WS-X4515 Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Module 1 Year Warranty:

Cisco WS-X4515 Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Module 1 Year Warranty
Cisco WS-X4515 Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Module1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY- EXTENDED WARRANTY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.STOCK ID: 50T-NET16 US SELLER SAME DAY SHIPPINGThis is a Certified Refurbished product that is tested and certified. All our products go through intensive testing by Certified Technicians and professionals. We offer high quality refurbished products. Buy With Confidence. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, Deep /Thoroughly cleaning, inspection, and repackaging.
Cisco WS-X4515 Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Module
Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV - Integrated Resiliency for Advanced Control of ConvergedOverview The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV integrates nonblocking Layers 2–4 switching with integrated resiliency, further enhancing control of converged networks. Converged data, voice, and video networks with high availability enable business resiliency for enterprise and Metro Ethernet customers deploying Internet-based business applications. Network control extends from the backbone to the edge with intelligent services such as granular quality of service (QoS), Internet security, and network management. Scalability of these intelligent network services is made possible with dedicated specialized resources known as ternary content addressable memory (TCAM). Ample TCAM resources (192,000 entries) enable “high feature capacity,” which provides wire-speed routing and switching performance with concurrent provisioning of services such as QoS and security, helping ensure scalability for today’s network requirements with ample room for future growth. The modular architecture, media flexibility, and expandability of the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series help enable an extended window of deployment in converged networks, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by minimizing recurring operational expenses, in turn improving return on investment (ROI). The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV delivers next-generation switching technology with proven Cisco IOS® Software to power scalable, intelligent multilayer switching solutions for converged data, voice, and video networks. Optimized for the enterprise wiring closet, branch office, or Layer 3 distribution points, the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV provides the performance and scalability to handle the network applications of today and the future. Chassis and Line-Card Support You can deploy the supervisor engine IV in single-chassis non redundant mode in the Cisco Catalyst 4503, 4503-E, 4506, and 4506-E chassis. You can also deploy it in single-chassis redundant mode as an option in the Cisco Catalyst 4507R chassis (slots 1 and 2 only) and Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E/4507R+E chassis (slots 3 and 4). The supervisor engine IV is compatible with the classic Cisco Catalyst 4500 and the E-series Cisco Catalyst 4500 Line Cards. Table 1 gives performance information for the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV.
● Source and destination IP address (hardware) ● IP Protocol (hardware) ● Layer 4 source and destination ports (for TCP/User Datagram Protocol [UDP] or 0 otherwise) (hardware) ● Start and end time stamps (hardware) ● Packet counts and byte counts (hardware) ● Input/output interface (software) ● Next-hop router (software) ● Source and destination autonomous system number (software) ● Source and destination prefix mask (software) ● VLAN statistics collection ● Command-line interface (CLI) support for NetFlow and VLAN statistics ● SNMP support for VLAN statistics ● NetFlow Aggregation Support (NFX) (NetFlow Version 8)
NetFlow Services Card Hardware and Software Requirements The NetFlow services card is supported only on the supervisor engine IV and V models with Cisco IOS Software and is not supported in the Cisco Catalyst OS Software. Software Requirements The minimum software versions are as follows: ● Supervisor engine IV with NetFlow services card: Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(13)EW or later ● Supervisor engine V with NetFlow services card: Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)EW or later NetFlow Collection (NFC) and Network Data Analyzer (NDA) requirements: ● Cisco CNS NetFlow Collection Engine (NFC) Version 3.5 or later ● Cisco Network Data Analyzer (NDA) Version 3.6 or later
Hardware Requirements ● Supervisor engine IV or V is required. ● Redundant supervisor engine IV daughter card configurations must match. If a NetFlow services card is deployed on a primary supervisor engine, then a second NetFlow services card must be deployed on a secondary supervisor engine IV in the same chassis. The NetFlow services card can be shipped preinstalled with a supervisor engine IV from the factory or as a separate, field-replaceable unit. The supervisor engine IV must be removed from the chassis to install the NetFlow services module; it is not hot-swappable. Features at a Glance Layer 2 Features ● Layer 2 hardware forwarding at 48 Mpps ● Layer 2 switch ports and VLAN trunks ● IEEE 802.1Q VLAN encapsulation ● Inter-Switch Link (ISL) VLAN encapsulation ● Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) ● VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) and VTP domains ● Support for 4096 VLANs per switch ● Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (PVST+) and Per-VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (PVRST) ● Spanning Tree Protocol PortFast and PortFast Guard ● Spanning Tree Protocol UplinkFast and BackboneFast ● 802.1s ● 802.1w ● 802.3ad ● Spanning Tree Protocol Root Guard ● Cisco Discovery Protocol ● Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Snooping v1, v2, and v3 ● Cisco EtherChannel® technology, Cisco Fast EtherChannel technology, and Cisco Gigabit EtherChannel technology across line cards ● Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) ● Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) ● Unidirectional Link Detection Protocol (UDLD) and aggressive UDLD ● Q-in-Q passthrough ● Jumbo Frames (up to 9216 bytes) ● Baby Giants (up to 1600 bytes) ● Unidirectional Ethernet ● SSO in sub second failover time ● Storm control (formally known as broadcast suppression) ● Forced 10/100 auto negotiation ● Web Content Communication Protocol Version 2 Layer 2 Redirect ● Private VLAN Promiscuous Trunk ● Match class of service (CoS) for non-IPv4 traffic ● Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) over trunk port ● CoS mutation ● Per-VLAN Control Traffic Intercept Layer 3 Features ● Hardware-based IP Cisco Express Forwarding routing at 48 Mpps ● IP routing protocols (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [IGRP], Enhanced IGRP [EIGRP], Open Shortest Path First [OSPF], Routing Information Protocol [RIP], and RIPv2) ● Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGPv4) and Multicast Border Gateway Protocol (MBGP) ● Software routing of Internet work Packet Exchange (IPX) and AppleTalk ● Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) routing protocol ● IGMP v1, v2, and v3 ● IGMP filtering on access and trunk ports ● IP Multicast routing protocols (PIM, SSM, and Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol [DVMRP]) ● Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) ● Cisco Group Multicast Protocol (GMP) server ● Full Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) support ● ICMP Router Discovery Protocol ● Policy-Based Routing (PBR) ● Virtual Route Forwarding-lite (VRF-lite) ● IPv6 software switched ● EIGRP Stub ● IP unnumbered for SVI ● SVI Autostate Exclude ● Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) ● Auto-Rendezvous Point Listener (IP Multicast) Sophisticated QoS and Traffic Management ● Per-port QoS configuration ● Support for four queues per port in hardware ● Strict Priority Queuing ● IP differentiated services code point (DSCP) and IP Precedence ● Classification and marking based on IP type of service (ToS) or DSCP ● Classification and marking based on full Layer 3 and Layer 4 headers ● Input and output policing based on Layer 3 and Layer 4 headers ● Support for 1024 policers on ingress and 1024 policers on egress configured as aggregate or individual ● Shaping and sharing output queue management ● DBL: Congestion-avoidance feature ● No performance penalty for granular QoS functions ● Auto-QoS CLI for VoIP deployments ● Per-port, per-VLAN QoS ● Selective DBL Predictable Performance ● 64-Gbps switching fabric ● Layer 2 hardware forwarding at 48 Mpps ● Layer 3 hardware-based IP Cisco Express Forwarding routing at 48 Mpps ● Layer 4 TCP/UDP hardware-based filtering at 48 Mpps ● No performance penalty with advanced Layer 3 and Layer 4 services enabled ● Software-based learning at a sustained rate of 1000 hosts per second ● Support for 32,768 MAC addresses ● Support for 131,072 entries in routing table (shared between unicast and multicast) ● Scalability to 4000 virtual ports (VLAN port instances) ● Bandwidth aggregation up to 16 Gbps through Cisco Gigabit EtherChannel technology ● Hardware-based multicast management ● Hardware-based ACLs, router ACLs (RACLs), and VLAN ACLs (VACLs) Comprehensive Management ● Manageable through Cisco Network Assistant ● Single console port and single IP address to manage all system features ● Software configuration management, including local and remote storage ● Manageable through CiscoWorks Windows network-management software on a per-port and per-switch basis, providing a common management interface for Cisco routers, switches, and hubs ● SNMPv1, v2, and v3 instrumentation, delivering comprehensive in-band management ● CLI-based management console to provide detailed out-of-band management ● Remote Monitoring (RMON) software agent to support four RMON groups (history, statistics, alarms, and events) for enhanced traffic management, monitoring, and analysis ● Support for all nine RMON groups through the use of a Cisco SwitchProbe analyzer (SPAN) ● port, which permits traffic monitoring of a single port, a group of ports, or the entire switch from a single network analyzer or RMON probe ● Analysis support, including ingress port, egress port, and VLAN SPAN ● Layer 2 Traceroute ● Remote SPAN (RSPAN) ● Cisco SmartPort macros ● SPAN ACL filtering ● SPAN CPU port ● DHCP Client Auto configuration ● Enhanced SNMP MIB support ● HTTPS ● Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) ● Optional Compact Flash memory card to store software images for backup and easy software upgrades ● NetFlow VLAN Statistics (NetFlow services card required) ● MAC Address Notification Advanced Security ● TACACS+ and RADIUS, which help enable centralized control of the switch and restrict unauthorized users from altering the configuration ● Standard and extended ACLs on all ports ● 802. 1x user authentication (with VLAN assignment, voice VLAN, port security, and guest VLAN) ● 802.1x Accounting ● 802. 1x Authentication Failure ● 802. 1x Private VLAN Assignment ● 802. 1x Private Guest VLAN ● 802. 1x RADIUS-supplied time out ● NAC Layer 2 802.1x ● NAC Layer 2 IP ● Trusted Boundary ● RACLs on all ports (no performance penalty) ● VACLs ● Port ACLs (PACLs) ● Private VLANs (PVLANs) on access and trunk ports ● DHCP Snooping ● DHCP Option 82 ● DHCP Option 82 Insertion ● DHCP Option 82 Passthrough ● Port Security ● Sticky Port Security ● SSHv1 and SSHv2 ● VLAN Management Policy Server (VMPS) client ● Unicast MAC Filtering ● Unicast Port Flood Blocking ● Dynamic Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Inspection ● IP Source Guard ● Community Private VLANs ● Trunk Port Security ● 802.1x Inaccessible Authentication Bypass ● MAC Authentication Bypass ● Control Plane Policing ● 802.1x Unidirectional Controlled Port ● Voice VLAN Sticky Port Security ● SCP ● Cisco EtherChannel Trunk Port Security ● IP Source Guard for Static Hosts ● IEEE 802.1x Multi Domain Authentication High Availability ● NSF/SSO ● In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) ● NSF Awareness ● SSO in sub second failover time ● Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) ● SSO-Aware Hot Standby Router Protocol ● Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) ● Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) ● OSPF Fast Convergence: Incremental Shortest Path First (SPF) and Link-State Advertisement (LSA) Throttling ● Cisco Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) ● Virtual Server Services (VSS) Client
IPv6 (Software-Based Forwarding) ● Packets forwarded in software ● Support for IPv6 Addressing ● Cisco Discovery Protocol for IPv6 ● IPv6 Domain Name System (DNS) resolver for AAAA over an IPv6 and IPv4 transport ● Extended ACL ● IPv6: Extended ACL ● IPv6: ICMP Rate Limiting ● IPv6: ICMPv6 ● IPv6: ICMPv6 Redirect ● IPv6: IP MIB ● IPv6: IPv6 over IEEE 802.1Q ● IPv6: IPv6 over IPv4 Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Tunnel ● IPv6: Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP) ● IPv6: Loopback ● IPv6: Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Versions 1 and 2 ● IPv6: Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Path Discovery for IPv6 ● IPv6: Multicast in IPv6 Tunnel ● IPv6: OSPFv3 ● IPv6: Ping ● IPv6: Router Alert Option ● IPv6: SSH over an IPv6 Transport ● IPv6: Stateless Autoconfiguration ● IPv6: Static Routes within IPv6 ● IPv6: AAA ● IPv6: Telnet ● IPv6: TFTP ● IPv6: Traceroute ● IPv6: Duplicate Address Detection ● IPv6: Standard ACL ● IPv6 Tunnels in software ● IPv6: Hop-by-Hop Option Header: Done in software ● IPv6: RIP next generation for IPv6 ● PIM v6 (sparse mode)
Technical Specifications Management ● CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS), including Cisco Works Resource Manager Essentials (RME) ● CiscoView ● Cisco Network Assistant ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● (RFC 3636) ● ● ● ● ● ● (802.3ad) ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● (MIB-II) ● (APPLETALK MIB) ● (OSPF-MIB) ● (RFC 1757) ● (RFC 2021) ● (Internet-Draft) ● (RFC 2571) ● (RFC 2572) ● (RFC 2573) ● (RFC 2573) ● (RFC 2574) ● (RFC 2575) ● ● ● ● RIP SNMP MIB Industry Standards ● Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 and 10BASE-T ● Fast Ethernet: IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-FX ● Gigabit Ethernet: IEEE 802.3z and 802.3ab ● IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) ● IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol ● IEEE 802.1w rapid reconfiguration of spanning tree ● IEEE 802.1s multiple VLAN instances of Spanning Tree Protocol ● IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) ● IEEE 802.1p class-of-service (CoS) prioritization ● IEEE 802.1Q VLAN ● IEEE 802.1x user authentication ● 1000BASE-X (GBIC) ● 1000BASE-X (SFP) ● 1000BASE-SX ● 1000BASE-LX/LH ● 100BASE-ZX ● RMON I and II standards
Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV Performance per Chassis
Cisco Catalyst 4503 and Cisco Catalyst 4503-E ChassisCisco Catalyst 4506 and Cisco Catalyst 4506-E ChassisCisco Catalyst 4507R and Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E/ 4507R+E ChassisCisco Catalyst 4510R and Cisco Catalyst 4510R-E/4510R+E ChassisCisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine IV (part number WS-X4515)28 Gbps and 21 Mpps supported64 Gbps and 48 Mpps supported64 Gbps and 48Mpps supportedNot supported
Predictable Performance and Scalability The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engine IV delivers a 64-Gbps switching fabric with a 48-mpps forwarding rate in hardware for Layers 2–4 traffic. Switching performance is independent of the number of route entries or Layer 3 and 4 services enabled. Hardware-based Cisco Express Forwarding routing architecture allows for increased scalability and performance. Table 2 provides a comparison of the performance and scalability features of all of the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Enhanced Layer 3 Supervisor Engines.
Feature and DescriptionSupervisor Engine IVRedundant capableYesCisco Catalyst 4507R chassis and Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E/4507R+EActive supervisor uplinks2 Gigabit Ethernetin redundant modeActive supervisor engine uplinks in non redundantmode2 Gigabit EthernetTwin Gigabit Ethernet converter supportNoUplink optic typesGigabit interface converter (GBIC)SSO/NSF and ISSUYesFeature and DescriptionSupervisor Engine IVQoS hardware entries32,000Policers8,000 inputHierarchical policersNoNumber of Tx queues4Maximum Tx queue size1920 packets per Tx queueDynamic queue sizesNoConfigurable classification mapping tablesNoMatch IP on MAC headerNoModular QoS complianceNoDBL: Congestion-Avoidance featureYesQoS sharingSupport only on non blocking Gigabit Ethernet portsShapingYes per Tx queueBroadcast suppressionSoftware**Multicast suppressionNoFeature and DescriptionSupervisor Engine IVUSB drive supportNoCompact Flash supportYes; 64- and 128-MB optionsFAT file system supportNoSPAN2 ingress and 4 egress Payment Shipping Returns Warranty

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