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The comprehensive list of vulnerabilities in this category are updated on a daily basis.  There are currently 2,554 vulnerability test descriptions and summaries in the database.  Clicking on the name of the vulnerability below will bring up the specific details for each network security test along with recommendations for patching the vulnerability and related discussions.

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Vulnerability assessments available for:

Vulnerability Name Vulnerability Description Network Security Threat Type
1) Default Novonyx Web Server Files Checks for default Novonyx web server files infos
2) Netware 6.0 Tomcat source code viewer Checks for the Netware 6.0 Tomcat source code viewer vulnerability infos
3) Netware LDAP search request Use LDAP search request to retrieve information from a Novell Netware Server infos
4) Netware NDS Object Enumeration Netware NDS Object Enumeration infos
5) Netware Web Server Sample Page Source Disclosure Checks for Netware Web Server Source Disclosure infos
6) Novell Groupwise Servlet Manager default password Checks for Netware servlet server default password infos
7) Novell Netbasic Scripting Server Directory Traversal Checks for Novell Netbasic Scripting Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability infos
8) Novell NetWare HTTP POST Perl Code Execution Vulnerability Webserver perl handler executes arbitrary POSTs infos