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BlueSCSI SD SCSI emulator for vintage Apple Macintosh (Fully Assembled) - Blue for Sale - vulnerabilityscanning.com

BlueSCSI SD SCSI emulator for vintage Apple Macintosh (Fully Assembled) - Blue For Sale

BlueSCSI SD SCSI emulator for vintage Apple Macintosh (Fully Assembled) - Blue

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BlueSCSI SD SCSI emulator for vintage Apple Macintosh (Fully Assembled) - Blue:

BlueSCSI authorized resellerThis is a fully assembled board that just needs a microSD card and it is ready to go. This board was tested on a real vintage Macintosh Performa 405 with a System 7.5.3 boot image and as you can see in picture 1. This little board provides a convenientand cost effective way to use MicroSD cards in your vintage Macintosh when your SCSI hard disk has failed. I am an authorized reseller of these for Eric meaning it will be supported via a Discord channel. Please see Eric\'s GitHub site for a list of authorized resellers and BEWARE of others selling these and using inferior parts.
Please note that the 3D printed base can vary in color and design.
The Benefits of this Blue SCSI are:

Simple Design- Place a file on an SD card and go. Nothing to configure or setup.

Power Options- In most cases it is powered directly from the SCSI bus. If your bus can\'t supply enough power it provides a berg power connector or via USB.

Performance-Up to 1024KB/sec Read, 912KB/sec write.

Compatibility- Plus (only System 7), SE, SE/30, Classic, Classic II, Color Classic, LC 1/2/3, Mac II. PowerMacs as non-boot disk.

Product will be shipped in a padded flat rate box (with insurance) via USPS and I will test once more right before I ship. There is no warranty, but you have a 14 day return window if the unit is DOA. However, please first try the support and help is provided by GitHub and the Discord channel. This device may work on other Macintoshes, but we can only guaranteecompatibilityfor the machines listed on the GitHub page. There are no returns if it was purchased and your machine is not on the list, so please review the above list carefully before you buy!
GitHub Repository is located the Discord Channel for support you for supporting the retro computing hobby and enjoy!
If you feel like building your own, you can buy a kit in one of my other listings.

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