1984 APPLE MACINTOSH Model M0001 1st MAC 128K 40th Anniversary PICASSO KIT NICE For Sale

1984 APPLE MACINTOSH Model M0001 1st MAC 128K 40th Anniversary PICASSO KIT NICE
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1984 APPLE MACINTOSH Model M0001 1st MAC 128K 40th Anniversary PICASSO KIT NICE:

January 2024 marked the 40th Anniversary of this 1984 original Apple Macintosh FIRST Model M0001 Mac128K computer! First launched in January 1984, this is the very first ever Macintosh offered by Apple! This is a very early, week 9 of 1984 production Macintosh set in beautiful collector-quality condition. The perfect special gift for a true Apple lover or collector!
This Macintosh is fully functional, freshly serviced, clean and fully detailed, tested and working complete original Mac system! Includes original matching early 1984 production Macintoshkeyboard and mouse, plus the rare original 1984 Macintosh Picasso whiteplastic accessory kit box with genuine original and working set of 1984 Apple Macintosh softwaredisks, 1984 Macintosh user manual, original sealed Apple rainbow logo stickers and more! Great gift for the Apple lover or vintage computer collector!Steve Jobs and the original Macintosh team signatures are molded inside the Mac rear case housing!

Thisoriginal Macintosh is all working, and exceptionally clean and nice all around! Ready for prominent display and actual use by the new owner! Smoke-free climate-controlled use and storage so no smoke or oldmusty odors absorbed into any of the included items which greatly detract fromcondition and value, but of course cannot be noticed in online photos, so makesure you know before you invest.

Celebrate the40th Anniversary of the launch of this original MacintoshM0001 128K model! The original Mac was introduced with the famousOrwellian '1984' commercial during the Super Bowl on January 22, 1984 and wasthe very first reasonably affordable personal computer to use a mouse and aGraphical User Interface (GUI) with desktop icons.

This EARLY Macintosh was producedduring week 09 of 1984 as decoded from the serial # label on the Mac thatbegins with F425 (F= Fremont, CA production plant, 4= 1984, 09 = 9th week ofyear) indicating this Mac was produced sometime during the first week of February/last March of 1984. The Macintosh was firstintroduced and launched on January 24th 1984 so this Mac is from only one month after the initial launch!

Macintoshsystem unit- (Model M0001)- Original motherboard wasupgraded to512K RAM, with the original 400K single-sided internal floppy disk drive and the original external Model M0001 128K case housing and emblems.

Original 'Macintosh' emblem and Model M0001 label on rear (very late 1984 production M0001 Macs had a revised 'Macintosh 128k' emblem starting sometime during week 47 of production, all Macs before then had this original "Macintosh" emblem).

Mac isthe original beige/cream color, not darkly yellowed,mismatched, marked up, cracked, or damaged like many are now. There is some typical minor darkening and discoloration. No markerwriting, no stickers, no old sticker outlines, no cracks or missing parts, noengravings, only some little nicks and chips to some of the edges and corners, largest of which is on the back top corner these can be seen in the photos. Just minor imperfections as expected for a 40+ year old vintage pre-ownedcomputer, very hard to find now in this very nice clean cosmetic condition.

The case does not have ugly pry marks all around the case seams, which greatly detractsfrom appearance and value. Many original Macs seen now have large nicks and chips all along the seams that connect the front case face to the back case, butoften is not shown, or cannot be seen in photos. Macs that were improperly pried apart along the case seams with the wrong tools to open the case will have ugly gouges and large nicks all along the plastic case seams.

Screenis bright, crisp, and stable, no scratches on theglass 9" black and white CRT display.Allfour original rubber feet on bottom of case and clean, not sticky or melted like many found now are. There are four velco squares attached to bottom of case as shown, these were used to attach to a swivel stand, could be removed or left alone with they are not seen with Mac in use of course. Inside of the Macintosh case isexceptionally clean, no corrosion, no dirt or dust, clean, properly stored, cleaned with compressed air.

OriginalSony 400K Single-Sided Internal Disk Drive-Disk insert and eject mechanism serviced, cleaned and re-lubed so disks go in andout smoothly just like new again! Drive read/write head cleaned and tested.

Includedoriginal Macintosh disks load, run, and eject as expected.Original Macsare completely dependent on the internal floppy drive, as there is no hard drive, sohaving a properly serviced and tested floppy disk drive like this Mac isessential for actual use of the system. Most found now will have non-functioning drives that need extensive service or complete replacement, and these early drives in working condition are very hard to find now.

1984 Apple Macintosh keyboard-(Model # M0110) Early,Week 8of 1984 productionas decoded from the serial # starting with G408 (4=1984, 08 = week 8), the original keyboard from this week 9 production Macintosh main unit set! Original beige/cream color, not heavily yellowed or discolored. Includes original curled flexible keyboard cable with undamagedprong clip connectors on each end (clips not broken off like many are that willnot firmly connect or stay in place), coil cable nice and tight, not all stretched out likeheavily used worn ones. All four original rubber feet still on bottom,clean and not sticky, excellent condition. All keys are clean and functional, nodust or dirt between keys. EVERY single key has been tested to register working on the display of this Macintosh!

1984 Apple Macintosh one-button mouse - (Model # M0100) Earl,Week 7of 1984 productionas decoded from the serial # starting with G407 (4=1984, 07 = week 7), the original keyboard from this week 9 production Macintosh main unit set!Original beige/cream color, not heavily yellowed or discolored. Original early squarestyle mouse connector with large screw in knobs to attach securely to the Mac. Clean and detailed, mouse ball removed and cleaned, cable undamaged, rolls smoothly, and working perfectly.

OriginalPicasso Mac Accessory Kit- Rare originalMac white plastic Picasso Accessory Kit box. Nice clean undamaged condition, bright white original color not all darkly yellowed all over like many seen now are, some minor discolaration to one edge. NO cracks to the corners of the lid or bottom tray outer conners like many left now have. Apple logos are embossed into inside tray. Includes all of the following contents:

  • EARLY 1984 Picasso packing list fold-out brochure, NO part number on back, later 1984 versions have a part #
  • EARLY 1984 red label A Guided Tour of Macintosh audio cassette in original case, only early had red label, it was changed to white label on later 1984 cassettes.
  • SEALED set of 4 original Apple rainbow logo stickers (2 large, 2 small)
  • Original 1984 Macintosh disks and user manual...

GenuineOriginal Apple 1984 single-sided 400K Mac disks- 1984Macintosh System Disk early Version A from early 1984, and early 1984 A Guided Tour of Macintosh disk.

Disks fully tested and working on this Macintosh as shown with the recently serviced internaldisk drive! Original disk labels are in very good condition for the age. Increasingly rare now 40+ years later to find genuine original Apple Macintosh disks like thesefrom early 1984 in working condition and still with the original contents!

MacintoshOwner's Manual Guide-EARLY FRST Print 1983 Macintosh system manual with no letter code on back, ones printed in 1984 had a letter added at the end of the part number on the back cover (A, B, etc) this first early print has no letter and is dated 1983. The first print was done in late 1983 leading up to the launch of the Macintosh in January 1984. No writing on covers or on any of the interior pages. Very nice and crisp clean with all pages andboth covers securely attached. Nice clean white covers with Picasso-styleoriginal Mac graphics on front, both fully attached.

Thisoriginal fully working Early 1984 Macintosh Model M0001 set will be the highlight of your vintage Apple or computer collection! A great gift for theApple or vintage computer collector! Ready for prominent display.

From smoke free dry storage, so no smoke or old mustyodors. All photos of exact items buyer will receive; nothing else isincluded. This comes exactly as shown, there is no original box orpackaging, only what is shown in the photos and described.

I have sold 1984 Macintosh 128K sets here on for 23+ years with hundreds of satisfied Mac buyers from all over the world, including private collectors, universities, and several museums! Please review my selling response and seller star ratings from buyers. All items exactly as shown and described, from clean smoke-free environment, and packed securely withbrand-new high-qualitymaterials to fully protect in shipment. Continuously active member under this same account since 1999!

Components will be individually wrapped in thick brand newhigh-quality large bubble wrap, thenwill be DOUBLE boxed inside a new inner box which will be surroundedon all sides by new packing peanuts packed in a new larger outer shipping boxt! I have sold and shipped hundreds of original Macs here on tosatisfied buyers all around the world with great success!

FedEx Home Delivery/Ground, fully insured withtracking. Direct Signature of buyer required at delivery due to the value of the item. Shipped out promptly upon confirmed payment.

All International buyers MUST send a message first to see if shipping is available to your location, and for the cost to ship, costs shown are only estimates. Buyers outside US are responsible for any and all import fees, duties, customs fees, etc.

Please visit my store80's Macs and Gamesfor many more early Apple and Mac collectibles including a rare 1984 Macintosh 128K Model M0001 complete system in the original BOX and packaging!

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