Antique Stoneware: Lee & Green Ginger Beer Bottle, Syracuse, NY, ca.1900, *NR* For Sale

Antique Stoneware: Lee & Green Ginger Beer Bottle, Syracuse, NY, ca.1900, *NR*

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Antique Stoneware: Lee & Green Ginger Beer Bottle, Syracuse, NY, ca.1900, *NR*:

An exceptional glazed Stoneware Blob Top Bottle, ca.1900. The oval transfer on the body reads: LEE & GREEN, ENGLISH BREWED GINGER BEER, SYRACUSE, N.Y., SKEGNESS, BOURNE, SLEAFORD, SPALDING. There is a circular, impressed stamp near the base from the bottle manufacturer: THE ROBINSON MERRILL CO., AKRON, OHIO. There some minor production flaws in the glaze; otherwise in near-mint condition. A fine example that will complement any bottle, stoneware or early advertising collection. Please see photo set for details, close-ups and further description. Measures 2-7/8"W x 6-1/2"H overall; and relatively heavy at approximately 1.4 lbs! Offered with and ships anywhere in the lower 48. Good Luck, and be sure to visit my other sales ending shortly. Some historical information on the Lee & Green - United States connection follows:"The firm of Lee and Green was founded at Sleaford by George Raynard Lee and Arthur Green in 1881. The mineral water bottling enterprise expanded to Spalding in 1886, Bourne in 1891 and Skegness in 1899. In addition to the bottling of superior aerated waters, the firm also specialized in the production of ginger beer, which gained Champion status.Ginger beer of the 18th, 19th and early 20th century was said to have tasted similar to the best champagne, with sparkling effervescence. No wonder this favorite drink of England had crossed the Atlantic by 1790. Ginger beer is fizzy due to the carbon dioxide it contains (a natural by-product of fermentation) and the alcohol content when produced in the traditional process can be as high at 11 percentIt was the demand for English brewed Ginger Beer in America, particularly around New York which saw the firm develop factories in Syracuse and Buffalo in America early in the 20th century.On March 7 1900 Arthur Green sailed on the Oceanic for New York to open a new factory just outside the city, at Syracuse. The firm secured the services of Nelson Anderson as manager of the branch which was at 113 Raynor Avenue. The opening of a further factory at 344-346 Oak Street, Buffalo, New York State, followed in 1904. O L La Due was the treasurer.The American stoneware ginger beer bottles carried a very similar transfer to the English-made bottles used by Lee & Green's Lincolnshire factories, but described it as English-brewed (rather than Champion-brewed) ginger beer and carried either the names Syracuse or Buffalo, and in some cases both American factories. Most of the stoneware bottles used by the American branches were made in the United States.The prospectus published in January 1902, when shares were issued in Lee & Green Ltd, makes no note of the American branches - just the four centers in Lincolnshire.It seems likely that George Lee and Arthur Green continued the American business as a separate enterprise. The American business was later purchased by The Diamond A Ginger Beer Company, which was taken over in 1908 to the Salt City Bottling Company."

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