Juniper EX3300-48P, 48 Port PoE+ Gigabit Network Switch with RACK EARS, RESET For Sale

Juniper EX3300-48P, 48 Port PoE+ Gigabit Network Switch with RACK EARS, RESET
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Juniper EX3300-48P, 48 Port PoE+ Gigabit Network Switch with RACK EARS, RESET:

Listing Grid template example Product Photo Description Juniper EX3300-48P, 48 Port PoE+ Gigabit Network Switch with RACK EARS, RESET

This item has been TESTED, POWERED ON, FACTORY RESET, and all ports and lights are shown to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

This item is in GOOD physical CONDITION with minor scratches, scrapes, and scuffs from previous usage and storage.

This item ONLY comes with RACK EARS, POWER CABLE is NOT included.NO OTHER accessories are included with this item.

Please refer to listing's pictures for more commit complete

mgd: Please login as 'root'. No password is required.

mgd: To start Initial Setup, type 'ezsetup' at the JUNOS prompt.

mgd: To start JUNOS CLI, type 'cli' at the JUNOS prompt.

mgd: show ex3300-48p

Junos: 15.1R6.7

JUNOS EXSoftware Suite [15.1R6.7]

JUNOS FIPS mode utilities [15.1R6.7]

JUNOS Online Documentation [15.1R6.7]

JUNOS EX 3300 Software Suite [15.1R6.7]

JUNOS Web Management Platform Package show ge-0/0/1.0, ge-0/0/2.0, ge-0/0/3.0,

ge-0/0/4.0, ge-0/0/5.0, ge-0/0/6.0, ge-0/0/7.0,

ge-0/0/8.0, ge-0/0/9.0, ge-0/0/10.0, ge-0/0/11.0,

ge-0/0/12.0, ge-0/0/13.0, ge-0/0/14.0, ge-0/0/15.0,

ge-0/0/16.0, ge-0/0/17.0, ge-0/0/18.0, ge-0/0/19.0,

ge-0/0/20.0, ge-0/0/21.0, ge-0/0/22.0, ge-0/0/23.0,

ge-0/0/24.0, ge-0/0/25.0, ge-0/0/26.0, ge-0/0/27.0,

ge-0/0/28.0, ge-0/0/29.0, ge-0/0/30.0, ge-0/0/31.0,

ge-0/0/32.0, ge-0/0/33.0, ge-0/0/34.0, ge-0/0/35.0,

ge-0/0/36.0, ge-0/0/37.0, ge-0/0/38.0, ge-0/0/39.0,

ge-0/0/40.0, ge-0/0/41.0, ge-0/0/42.0, ge-0/0/43.0,

ge-0/0/44.0, ge-0/0/45.0, ge-0/0/46.0, show system 7 mins, 1 user, load averages: 2.44, 2.45, 1.20


rootu0-2:56PM- show system show system memory usage distribution:

Total memory: 1048576 Kbytes (100%)

Reserved memory:41668 Kbytes (3%)

Wired memory:86100 Kbytes (8%)

Active memory:362956 Kbytes ( 34%)

Inactive memory:88404 Kbytes (8%)

Cache memory:157088 Kbytes ( 14%)

Free memory:311896 Kbytes ( 29%)

Memory disk resident memory:132392 Kbytes

VM-Kbytes(%) Resident(%) kernel map

114688(14.58)17016(14.84) kmem map

1216(00.15)1216(99.99) exec map

5732(00.73)592(10.33) pipe map

89264(11.35)88560(99.21) buffer map

32768(04.17)32768(99.99) pager map

PidVM-Kbytes(%) Resident(%) Process-name

00(00.00)0(00.00) [swapper]

10(00.00)0(00.00) /sbin/init -u

20(00.00)0(00.00) [g_event]

30(00.00)0(00.00) [g_up]

40(00.00)0(00.00) [g_down]

50(00.00)0(00.00) [thread taskq]

60(00.00)0(00.00) [kqueue taskq]

70(00.00)0(00.00) [mastership taskq]

80(00.00)0(00.00) [ifstate notify]

90(00.00)0(00.00) [pagedaemon]

100(00.00)0(00.00) [idle]

110(00.00)0(00.00) [swi7: clock]

120(00.00)0(00.00) [swi6: vm]

130(00.00)0(00.00) [swi2: netisr 0]

140(00.00)0(00.00) [swi7: +]

150(00.00)0(00.00) [yarrow]

160(00.00)0(00.00) [swi5: cambio]

170(00.00)0(00.00) [swi8: +]

180(00.00)0(00.00) [swi9: Giant taskq]

190(00.00)0(00.00) [swi9: task queue]

200(00.00)0(00.00) [mpfe_drvtaskq16: +]

210(00.00)0(00.00) [swi0: uart uart]

220(00.00)0(00.00) [intr16: ehci0]

230(00.00)0(00.00) [usb0]

240(00.00)0(00.00) [usbtask]

250(00.00)0(00.00) [intr17: ehci1]

260(00.00)0(00.00) [usb1]

270(00.00)0(00.00) [intr18: ehci2]

280(00.00)0(00.00) [usb2]

290(00.00)0(00.00) [intr41: mge0]

300(00.00)0(00.00) [intr42: mge0]

310(00.00)0(00.00) [swi3: ip6opt ipopt]

320(00.00)0(00.00) [swi4: ip6mismatch+]

330(00.00)0(00.00) [swi1: ipfwd]

340(00.00)0(00.00) [pagezero]

350(00.00)0(00.00) [bufdaemon]

360(00.00)0(00.00) [syncer]

370(00.00)0(00.00) [vnlru_mem]

380(00.00)0(00.00) [vnlru]

390(00.00)0(00.00) [softdepflush]

400(00.00)0(00.00) [netdaemon]

410(00.00)0(00.00) [vmkmemdaemon]

420(00.00)0(00.00) [if_pfelisten]

430(00.00)0(00.00) [kern_pirproc]

450(00.00)0(00.00) [nfsiod 0]

490(00.00)0(00.00) [nfsiod 1]

500(00.00)0(00.00) [nfsiod 2]

510(00.00)0(00.00) [nfsiod 3]

520(00.00)0(00.00) [schedcpu]

540(00.00)0(00.00) [md0]

870(00.00)0(00.00) [md1]

970(00.00)0(00.00) [md2]

1160(00.00)0(00.00) [md3]

1260(00.00)0(00.00) [md4]

1450(00.00)0(00.00) [md5]

1550(00.00)0(00.00) [md6]

1740(00.00)0(00.00) [md7]

1840(00.00)0(00.00) [md8]

2630(00.00)0(00.00) [md9]

2990(00.00)0(00.00) [md10]

3600(00.00)0(00.00) [md11]

3730(00.00)0(00.00) [md12]

3860(00.00)0(00.00) [md13]

3990(00.00)0(00.00) [md14]

84711836(00.38)6436(00.61) /usr/sbin/eventd -N -r -s -A

9510(00.00)0(00.00) [crypto]

9520(00.00)0(00.00) [crypto /usr/sbin/tnetd -N

118644520(01.42)10172(00.97) /usr/sbin/mgd -N

11875080(00.16)2348(00.22) /usr/sbin/inetd -N

118918776(00.60)12392(01.18) /usr/sbin/chassism -N

119022244(00.71)16664(01.59) /usr/sbin/sfid -N -V

11920(00.00)0(00.00) /usr/sbin/pfem -N

11932724(00.09)1804(00.17) login [pam]

12001972(00.06)1004(00.10) /sbin/dcd -N

120242368(01.35)17280(01.65) /usr/sbin/chassisd -N

120311692(00.37)6396(00.61) /usr/sbin/alarmd -N

120411800(00.38)6332(00.60) /usr/sbin/craftd -N

12056940(00.22)3760(00.36) /usr/sbin/lfmd -N

12069636(00.31)6024(00.57) /usr/sbin/cfmd -N

120724320(00.77)17272(01.65) /usr/sbin/snmpd -N

120829564(00.94)13344(01.27) /usr/sbin/mib2d -N

1209301836(09.60)20096(01.92) /usr/sbin/rpd -N

12102296(00.07)1412(00.13) /usr/sbin/tnp.sntpd -N -Ji

121148720(01.55)21732(02.07) /usr/sbin/pfed -N

121213720(00.44)8092(00.77) /usr/sbin/rmopd -N

121320328(00.65)10408(00.99) /usr/sbin/ppmd -N

121624208(00.77)13468(01.28) /usr/sbin/dfwd -N

121712712(00.40)7708(00.74) /usr/sbin/bfdd -N

121949344(01.57)35384(03.37) /usr/sbin/smid -N

122010284(00.33)4404(00.42) /usr/sbin/rdd -N

122117384(00.55)5820(00.56) /usr/sbin/bdbrepd -N

12228464(00.27)4024(00.38) /usr/sbin/sendd -N

122323144(00.74)15436(01.47) /usr/sbin/eswd -N

122412000(00.38)4112(00.39) /usr/sbin/shm-rtsdbd -N

122513376(00.43)7476(00.71) /usr/sbin/pkid -N

12280(00.00)0(00.00) /usr/sbin/sflowd -N

123019172(00.61)11288(01.08) /usr/sbin/dot1xd -N

12319064(00.29)5072(00.48) /usr/sbin/mcsnoopd -N

12320(00.00)0(00.00) /usr/sbin/license-check -U -M -p 10 -i 10

123316644(00.53)9568(00.91) /usr/sbin/lldpd -N

12347444(00.24)2760(00.26) /usr/sbin/vchassis-diagd -N

12594292(00.14)2948(00.28) -csh

132128684(00.91)21200(02.02) cli

13300(00.00)0(00.00) mgd: (mgd) /usr/sbin/vccpd -N

21149412(00.30)4664(00.44) /usr/sbin/dhcpd -N

2115315484(10.03)15040(01.43) /usr/sbin/jdhcpd -N

215844596(01.42)6340(00.60) mgd: (mgd) (root)

Specifications Functional Condition:
F3 - Key Functions Working

Equipment in this category has undergone testing to confirm that its core functionalities are operational. Essential functions that a typical user would expect are verified working. Secondary functions or software may not be present or configured. Units may be missing components or parts that are not essential to key functions.

Cosmetic Condition:
C4 - Used Good

Good overall used condition. Some light scratches or scuffs. No dents, dings or cracks.

Data Sanitization:
S3 - Data Clear

Device has been sanitized by one of the following methods: Factory Reset, NIST 800-88 Clear, or DOD 5220.22

EX3300-48P REV A Function Tests Powers On
Passed Physical Inspection
Passed Functions
Passed Buttons
Passed Shipping

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  • AIX Local Security Checks
  • Backdoors
  • CentOS Local Security Checks
  • CGI abuses
  • Databases
  • Debian Local Security Checks
  • Default Unix Accounts
  • Denial of Service
  • Fedora Local Security Checks
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  • Firewalls
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