IBM 1968 73.4GB 10K DISK 03N5261 03N5262 03N6327 17R6169 26K5161 26K5250 For Sale New Used Pricing

IBM 1968 73.4GB 10K DISK 03N5261 03N5262 03N6327 17R6169 26K5161 26K5250

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IBM 1968 73.4GB 10K DISK 03N5261 03N5262 03N6327 17R6169 26K5161 26K5250 :

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Here we offer a refurbished 1968 disk feature.1968: 73.4GB 10K RPM Ultra320 80P SCSI Disk Drive AssemblyThis disk subs to part numbers: 03N5261, 03N5262, 03N6327, 17R6169, 26K5161, 26K5250, 26K5573, 52P8626, 80P3406, 80P6320The 73.4GB 10,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI Disk Drive Assembly provides 73.4GB of storage capacity and supports the industry standard Ultra320 SCSI interface speed of up to 320MBps.This Feature was originally announced as FC 3274 for the 912x OpenPower Systems. However, it has since been re-numbered to FC 1968 and assigned a separate Marketing PN. Some IBM publications may still refer to the original FC.Characteristics:
Form Factor: 3.5-inch, 1-inch (25 mm) high
Cable included: No
External Interface: Ultra320 SCSI (16-bit, Low Voltage Differential)
Attachment Industry Spec: SCSI U320
Average Seek Time: 4.82 ms (based on four(4) READS to one(1) WRITE)
Average Latency: 2.99 ms
Rotational Speed: 10,000 RPM
Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 67MBpsRequires attachment to a supported Ultra320 SCSI Adapter & Ultra320 SCSI Cable/Backplane for 320MBps speed.All other SCSI devices on the same SCSI Bus must be Ultra2, Ultra3 or Ultra320 for this Disk Drive to run at 320MBps.Requires: One Disk Drive bay.IBM list price for this feature is £417.97 including VATMKT price today £30 inclusive of VAT.All in excellent condition, complete with 30 days warranty.Price includes 20% V.A.T which can be deducted for overseas business purchasers.

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