HP Elite MicroServer & Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 NAS BACKUP Check Point For Sale

HP Elite MicroServer & Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 NAS BACKUP Check Point

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HP Elite MicroServer & Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 NAS BACKUP Check Point:

HP Elite Micro-Server (refurbished) with Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 and Drive Bender bundle. Includes a new 2.5 SATA 500GB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive)!

Makes a great gift for that special techie!

Like the HP MediaSmart but better in size, latest technology, easy to upgrade, more RAM, faster processor, and the latest Microsoft Home Server 2011 operating system.

BlackBoxOps HP Elite MicroServer Product Details With Drive Bender Bundle!

  • Refurbished HP 8000 Elite ultra slimcomputer with an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 64 Bit Processor.
  • Includes Drive Bender Storage Software (a $30 value): Drive Bender is the leading storage pooling technology for Microsoft Windows. Developed by Division-M (division-m.com/drivebender), Drive Bender allows for file redundancy via file duplication, and unlike RAID, does not require any proprietary drive format or complicated setup. Drive Bender presents multiple hard drives as a single pool of file storage. A pool can be represented as either a Windows drive letter, or a network shared drive. You can add internal and external drives, RAID devices, you can even add NAS devices to the pool. Drive Bender is the most effective way to create a robust, next generation level storage pool.
  • Includes a new 2.5 SATA 500GB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive)!Has slots for two hard drives.
  • New additional SATA Drive Bay for adding a second SATA Drive 2.5 using the bay for the easilyremovable DVD drive. Street price value $10
  • 2GB Ram (upgradeable to 8GB SODIMM RAM)
  • DVD Drive
  • New Ethernet cable Street Price value $5.
  • DualVideo Ports
  • HP Factory Power Supply Street Price value $35.
  • New Windows Home Server 2011 COA 64-bit DVD OEM System Builder Pack Unregistered with serial number. Includes a factory copy of the OEM Preinstallation Kit DVD, a copy of the WHS 2011 64BIT DVD, and a copy of the WHS 2011 Client Restore DVD. Street price value $150+ (if you can find it), Amazon has it for $200+.
  • New HP Micro-Server Stand. Street price value $15
  • 8USB Ports
  • VGA cable ($5 value).
  • Windows 7 Pro COA with recovery DVD, a $79 value.
  • Purchase includes Check Point UTM-1 Edge X Firewall ($89 value)appliance that provides powerful security for your network. The refurbished Check Point UTM-1 Edge X comes with 8.2.6x firmware update. Hackers hate this firewall. Easy to manage but powerful in features and functionality. Includes power adapter, system disc, and Ethernet cable. Ready out of the box and should work with your existing wireless router too. I have mine setup as point defense behind my modem (with modem firewall turned on). Do want to see who is attempting to hack you? What foreign governments are knocking on your door? What spyware is phoning home? What companies are looking at you? Now you can know, with complete control, and as easy as point and click. Russia, China, and the rest of the world hacking you? Now you can block them simply by blocking that IP address with the Check Point UTM. Powerful and layered security works best to keep you safe on the internet.

Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011

Your life has gone digital - it is time to simplify your life so you can easily access your files, photos, videos, and music from any PC or TV in your home, or even while away from home. The Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 was designed for households and home-based businesses that have more than one personal computer. If you have multiple PCs with increasingly large amounts of digital photography, music, video, and documents, then protecting, organizing, and connecting this digital media can be a challenging task. Help with managing your digital dilemmas has arrived. Order the Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 today!

What It Is and Why You Need It:

  • Micro-Servers are the powerful and efficient new technology for small businesses and even more so for big business. Get the latest in server technology for a fraction of the price.
  • Store and organize all your digitalfiles in one central location.
  • Secure and safe file room access, safefrom the unsecure "Cloud". You have total and local control of all your files. Priceless in a world full of hackers and national threats.
  • Stream the digital content to Media devices.
  • Effortlessly backup your home and small business computers daily and automatically (10 user licenses included).
  • Easily restore lost files or even entire hard drive contents in a few steps.
  • Get complete access to files from both inside and outside the homeand business safely and securely.
  • Share projects, photos andvideos with friends, family, business associates, and clientswith the built-in secure and personalized website address.
  • Easily extend the capabilities of the Server using software add-ins. Expand storage capacity easily as your needs increase simply by adding USB and/or internal storage.
  • For a small fee ($70 to $100), yourBlackBoxOps Micro-Server willbe upgradedand fullyconfigured with the ability to share your office and desktop applications. The BlackBoxOps MicroServer canpotentially save you thousands of dollars and allowing you complete control over your workoperations and how your employees and family access applications. your important files safe with Automatic Backup
    Windows Home Server helps keep your family's important files safe by automatically making an image-based daily backup of every computer on your network. Your files and folders are duplicated across multiple hard drives, so even if one hard drive fails, you can still recover all your data.

    Restore files, folders, and entire computers easily
    With Windows Home Server's data recovery capabilities, you can bring back individual files or folders for a home computer. You can even rescue a PC that's had an unfortunate accident or hard drive failure because Windows Home Server makes a copy of the entire contents of your home computer hard drive.

    Keep your PCs running smoothly
    Your computers stay healthy with home network health monitoring. You can see the exact condition of the computers in your home and make sure anti-virus and other protection software is up-to-date.

    Secure your home network
    Windows Home Server sits behind your firewall and has strong password controls to help secure your home network. You decide who sees what, so you can share what you want and keep the rest private.

    Easily access your stuff from anywhere
    Windows Home Server 2001 enables you to easily and more securely access your files and personal computers from inside and outside of your home. Using a personalized website address you can download and upload files to the shared folders on your home server.*

    Connect to your home PCs from virtually anywhere
    With Windows Home Server 2011, you can connect remotely to the computers in your home and access all your files, even run applications, just as if you were sitting in front of your home computer.**

    Stream photos, music, and videos
    Now the whole family can enjoy a common music collection, with Windows Home Server 2011 as the media hub. Smooth Video Streaming, Silverlight enabled slide shows and anywhere-anytime music access from your PC. And with an Xbox 360 or other supported digital media receiver, you can also listen to a shared music collection, watch a photo slideshow, or catch up on recorded TV shows and movies on your television.

    Find your files easily
    With Windows Home Server as your media server, store all your photos, movies, and more in a central location that can be accessed from any computer on your home network. And Windows Home Server uses a familiar interface that integrates with all your family's home PCs, making it even easier to find digital media.

    Share photos, music, and videos
    With Windows Home Server as your media hub, everyone in your family can create and access shared folders of photo albums, music, and movies from any computer in your home network. You can also access music and other entertainment content through your Xbox 360 or digital media receiver.

    **To connect to one of your home computers via Remote Access, your home computer needs to be properly configured and running one of the following operating systems:
    • Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 (SP3)
    • Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Business, or Windows Vista Enterprise
    • Windows 7 Professional and above
    • Windows 8 and above

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  • AIX Local Security Checks
  • Backdoors
  • CentOS Local Security Checks
  • CGI abuses
  • Databases
  • Debian Local Security Checks
  • Default Unix Accounts
  • Denial of Service
  • Fedora Local Security Checks
  • Finger abuses
  • Firewalls
  • FreeBSD Local Security Checks