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We stand 100% behind our product! Buy with confidence! GIGABYTE B460M DS3H AC Intel Chipset B460
Socket LGA1200 DDR4 USB SATA 3 6Gb/s HDMI
Micro ATX Desktop Motherboard Please note, this motherboard does not include an I/O Shield,
cables, or any other accessories! GIGABYTE B460M DS3H AC Intel Chipset B460 Socket LGA1200 DDR4 USB SATA 3 6Gb/s HDMI Micro ATX Desktop Motherboard. Model: B460M DS3H AC Chipset: Intel B460 Socket: Intel LGA1200 Compatible/Supported CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i9 processors/Intel Core i7 processors/Intel Core i5 processors/Intel Core i3 processors/Intel Pentium processors/Intel Celeron processors Max Supported Memory: 128GB Number of Memory Slots: 4 Memory Type: DDR4 SDRAM Storage Interface: SATA 3 6.0Gb/s RAID Support: 0, 1, 5, 10 Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Lan Support: Intel Wi-Fi 3168, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, supporting 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band (01AX706 11S01AX706, SW10K97457 8SSW10K97457) Network/Communications: Realtek GbE LAN chip (1000 Mbit/100 Mbit) Audio: Realtek ALC887 codec Connectors: 1x 24-pin ATX main power connector, 1x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector, 1x CPU fan header, 2x system fan headers, 2x addressable LED strip headers, 2x RGB LED strip headers, 6x SATA 6Gb/s connectors, 1x M.2 Socket 3 connector, 1x front panel header, 1x front panel audio header, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 header, 2x USB 2.0/1.1 headers, 1x Trusted Platform Module header (For the GC-TPM2.0 SPI/GC-TPM2.0 SPI 2.0 module only), 1x Clear CMOS jumper Input/Output Ports: 1x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port, 1x HDMI port, 4x USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, 2x USB 2.0/1.1 ports, 1x RJ-45 port, 2x SMA antenna connectors (1T1R), 3x audio jacks Expansion Slots: 1x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16 (PCIEX16), 2x PCI Express x1 slots, 1x M.2 connector (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280 SATA and PCIe x4/x2 SSD support), 6x SATA 6Gb/s connectors Form Factor: Micro ATX Type: Desktop Motherboard Supported Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Additional Specifications:

Onboard Graphics
Integrated Graphics Processor-Intel HD Graphics support:
1x HDMI port, supporting a maximum resolution of 4096x2160@30 Hz
Support for HDMI 1.4 version and HDCP 2.3
Maximum shared memory of 512 MB

I/O Controller
iTE I/O Controller Chip

H/W Monitoring
1.Voltage detection
2.Temperature detection
3.Fan speed detection
4.Overheating warning
5.Fan fail warning
6.Fan speed control
Whether the fan speed control function is supported will depend on the fan you install

1.2x 128 Mbit flash
2.Use of licensed AMI UEFI BIOS
3.Support for DualBIOS
4.PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.7, WfM 2.0, SM BIOS 2.7, ACPI 5.0

Unique Features
1.Support for APP Center Available applications in APP Center may vary by motherboard model. Supported functions of each application may also vary depending on motherboard specifications
Fast Boot
Game Boost
ON/OFF Charge
RGB Fusion
Smart Backup
System Information Viewer
2.Support for Q-Flash
3.Support for Xpress Install

CPU Support:

Socket LGA1200
VendorCPU ModelGPU FrequencyL3 CacheGPU Info.Core NameSteppingWattageIntelCore i9-10900K3.70GHz20MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i9-10900KF3.70GHz20MBN/AComet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i9-109002.80GHz20MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ065WIntelCore i9-10900F2.80GHz20MBN/AComet LakeQ065WIntelCore i9-10900T1.90GHz20MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ035WIntelCore i9-10850K3.60GHz20MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i7-10700K3.80GHz16MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i7-10700KF3.80GHz16MBN/AComet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i7-107002.90GHz16MBIntel® UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ065WIntelCore i7-10700F2.90GHz16MBN/AComet LakeQ065WIntelCore i7-10700T2.00GHz16MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ035WIntelCore i5-10600K4.10GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i5-10600KF4.10GHz12MBN/AComet LakeQ0125WIntelCore i5-106003.30GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG165WIntelCore i5-10600T2.40GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG135WIntelCore i5-105003.10GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG165WIntelCore i5-10500T2.30GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG135WIntelCore i5-104002.90GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG165WIntelCore i5-10400F2.90GHz12MBN/AComet LakeQ065WIntelCore i5-10400T2.00GHz12MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG135WIntelCore i3-103253.90GHz8MBIntel Xe GraphicsComet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-103053.80GHz8MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-10305T3.00GHz8MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG135WIntelCore i3-101053.70GHz6MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-10105F3.70GHz6MBN/AComet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-10105T3.00GHz8MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG135WIntelCore i3-103203.80GHz8MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-103003.70GHz8MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-10300T3.00GHz8MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG135WIntelCore i3-101003.60GHz8MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-10100F3.60GHz8MBN/AComet LakeG165WIntelCore i3-10100T3.00GHz8MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG135WIntelPentium G66054.30GHz4MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG158WIntelPentium G65054.20GHz4MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG158WIntelPentium G6505T3.60GHz4MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG135WIntelPentium G64054.10GHz4MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG158WIntelPentium G6405T3.50GHz4MBIntel Iris Xe GraphicsComet LakeG135WIntelPentium G66004.20GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG158WIntelPentium G65004.10GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG158WIntelPentium G6500T3.50GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG135WIntelPentium G64004.00GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 630Comet LakeG158WIntelPentium G6400T3.40GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG135WIntelCeleron G59253.60GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG158WIntelCeleron G59203.50GHz2MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG158WIntelCeleron G59053.50GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG158WIntelCeleron G5905T3.30GHz4MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG135WIntelCeleron G59003.40GHz2MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG158WIntelCeleron G5900T3.20GHz2MBIntel UHD Graphics 610Comet LakeG135W Payment & Shipping Policy:
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