Atari 1050 Disk Drive, HAPPY  ****** OOLALA ******  Switches, SIO, PS, Warranty For Sale

Atari 1050 Disk Drive, HAPPY  ****** OOLALA ******  Switches, SIO, PS, Warranty

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Atari 1050 Disk Drive, HAPPY  ****** OOLALA ******  Switches, SIO, PS, Warranty:

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE OFFERS, as I do not entertain them. This is something e-bay does on their own and I can't do anything about it. The nerve of is astounding, as they think they can enter my store and just arbitrarily change prices. E-bay thinks it generates sales, but all it does is piss off potential buyers when they find out sellers won't consider INCLUDES 1050 WITH HAPPY ENHANCEMENT MODIFIED WITH 2 CUSTOM DRIVE CONTROL, POWER SUPPLY, SIO CABLE AND HAPPY REVISION 7 are offerding on one used professionally refurbished Atari 1050 floppy disk drive with the Happy Enhancement and 2 switches to control the Happy. The drive also included an SIO cable, power supply, Happy Revision 7 software and 14 day warranty.

The drive is inoutstanding cosmetic condition. If you are looking for the very best 1050 drive around, this is it. The top metal stripis in great condition and has a great shine. There are a few nicks around the letter "A" but I couldn't get a good picture of them. They don't stand out, but they are there. There is some minimal color variance between the top and bottom (standard with Atari). I'd rate the drive a 9 / 10.

The drive transport isquietand in excellent operating condition. I apply a checklist I devised to ensure that the drive has been cleaned inside and out as much as possible, including very light touches of lubrication applied, read/write head cleaned, speed tested and adjusted, track zero tested and adjusted if needed and more.

Operational testing includes reading, writing and formatting along with a full 24 hour RPM test. Since some drives haven't been used in 25 years, this will test the condition of the drive belt, spindle bearing and tachometer response circuit. I'll then test the drive extensively with Atari DOS and an assortment of copy-protected commercial games, including MicroProse's Silent Service (20 sector track) andF-15 Strike Eagle (track skew alignment), Synapse's SynCalc (weak/21 sector tracks)and the infamous Electronic Arts 34 sector track on One-On-One. I first do all testing without the Happy installed, as the 1050 Diagnostic cannot run with the Happy. I then install the Happy and use the diagnostic suite provided for the Happy.

What exactly is a Happy upgrade? * See Below

The drive features two custom control switches of my own design. THIS IS NOT THE GENUINE HAPPY CONTROLLER. I devised these switches years ago when it was impossible to find a genuine Happy Controller, and I've used one with my personal Happy ever since.

The switch on top turns the Happy track buffering on/off. You no longer have to insert the Happy disk and select option 1, and then option 1 again to turn off the track buffering. Now you can just flick the switch if you need to load some disk-protected software. While in the "up" position, track buffering is turned on and the read/write speeds are very fast. While in the "down" position, track buffering is turned off and the read speed is normal.

The switch on the bottom is a 3-way write control switch. The top position places the drive in a write always mode, write protected or not. This allows writing on the back of a disk without having to cut a notch. The middle position is for normal drive operation, as if the switch isn't there. The bottom position places the drive in write protect mode. No writing to the disk is permitted.

I offer a full 14 day warranty for this drive and only accept returns if drive does not work properly. The warranty begins after you receive it, not after I ship it. The warranty is voided ifthe drive is opened. The warranty does not cover the power supply. See below.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the poor design of the 1050 power supply jack, I no longer offer a warranty for the power supply because it is so easy to blow the fuse. Tip: TO PROTECT AND KEEP THE POWER SUPPLY FUSE FROM BLOWING, FIRST PLUG THE POWER SUPPLY INTO THE 1050 DRIVE, AND THEN PLUG THE POWER SUPPLY INTO THE WALL OUTLET.

Shipping is USPS Parcel Insured at actual cost only. I pack the drive very welland the box tends to be large and heavy, so I ship Economy to save on costs. Shipping weight is around 8-9 pounds. I do not profit off of shipping. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS. Global Shipping Program okay, but it is your responsibility to ensure the drive works in your area. Please e-mail with any questions, and thank you very much for viewing my sale.

* The 1050 Happy Enhancement accelerates 1050 drive operation tremendously by using track buffering, which means that while a normal drive reads 2 sectors per disk revolution (the ICD US Doubler reads 4 sectors), the Happy reads the entire track (all 18 sectors!) in ONE disk revolution. Besides adding true double density, this legendary upgrade also brings Warp Speed/UltraSpeed, the infamous Happy Backup, Tracer, Warp Speed Sector Copier, Diagnostics, MultiDrive and Compactor programs to the table. Worth the upgrade price even without the backup capabilities. Also operates the Happy 1050 Archiver software.

PLEASE NOTE: I've noticed something about the Happy forabout 30 years: Sometimes when you turn the drive off/on quickly, nothing happens. Don't know why. But you may have to wait some 15 seconds to turn the drive back on. It's not your drive or your Happy. This happens with all Happys. There is not a problem.

How'sthis for irony? Microprose released F-15 Strike Eagle with a new disk protection called "skew alignment". Simply put, this is a protection based on the relationship of sector 1 of track zero to sector 1 of track 1, all the way through track 40. But Microprose didn't do their homework and, incredibly, did not test this scheme properly on the Happy with the Tandon drive mechanism. You can try this by copying F-15 with any sector copier and then running it on a Happy drive on fast mode. Sure enough, it will work. Go

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