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If through a vulnerability assessment, a network security issue is detected for the vulnerability below, applying the appropriate security patches in a timely matter is very important.  If you have detected that your system has already been compromised, following CERT's Network Security recovery document will assist with recommended steps for system recovery.

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Vulnerability Assessment Details

USN37-1 : cyrus21-imapd vulnerability

Vulnerability Assessment Summary
cyrus21-imapd vulnerability

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Assessment

Summary :

These remote packages are missing security patches :
- cyrus21-admin
- cyrus21-clients
- cyrus21-common
- cyrus21-dev
- cyrus21-doc
- cyrus21-imapd
- cyrus21-murder
- cyrus21-pop3d
- libcyrus-imap-perl21

Description :

Recently another buffer overflow has been discovered in the SASL
authentication module of the Cyrus IMAP server. An off-by-one
comparison error in the mysasl_canon_user() function could lead to a
missing termination of an user name string.

This vulnerability could permit remote, attacker-supplied machine code
to be executed in the context of the affected server process. Since
the IMAP server usually runs as unprivileged user 'cyrus', there is no
possibility of root privilege escalation.

Solution :

Upgrade to :
- cyrus21-admin-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-clients-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-common-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-dev-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-doc-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-imapd-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-murder-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- cyrus21-pop3d-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- libcyrus-imap-perl21-2.1.16-6ubuntu0.2 (Ubuntu 4.10)

Network Security Threat Level: High

Networks Security ID:

Vulnerability Assessment Copyright: Ubuntu Security Notice (C) 2005 Canonical, Inc. / NASL script (C) 2005 Michel Arboi

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