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If through a vulnerability assessment, a network security issue is detected for the vulnerability below, applying the appropriate security patches in a timely matter is very important.  If you have detected that your system has already been compromised, following CERT's Network Security recovery document will assist with recommended steps for system recovery.

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Vulnerability Assessment Details

SUSE-SA:2005:067: kernel

Vulnerability Assessment Summary
Check for the version of the kernel package

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Assessment

The remote host is missing the patch for the advisory SUSE-SA:2005:067 (kernel).

This kernel update for SUSE Linux 10.0 contains fixes for XEN, various
security fixes and bug fixes.

This update includes a more recent snapshot of the upcoming XEN 3.0.
Many bugs have been fixed. Stability for x86_64 has been improved.
Stability has been improved for SMP, and now both i586 and x86_64
kernels are built with SMP support.

It also contains several security fixes :

- CVE-2005-3783: A check in ptrace(2) handling that finds out if
a process is attaching to itself was incorrect and could be used
by a local attacker to crash the machine.

- CVE-2005-3784: A check in reaping of terminating child processes did
not consider ptrace(2) attached processes and would leave a ptrace
reference dangling. This could lead to a local user being able to
crash the machine.

- CVE-2005-3271: A task leak problem when releasing POSIX timers was
fixed. This could lead to local users causing a local denial of
service by exhausting system memory.

- CVE-2005-3805: A locking problem in POSIX timer handling could
be used by a local attacker on a SMP system to deadlock the machine.

- CVE-2005-3181: A problem in the Linux auditing code could lead
to a memory leak which finally could exhaust system memory of
a machine.

- CVE-2005-2973: An infinite loop in the IPv6 UDP loopback handling
can be easily triggered by a local user and lead to a denial
of service.

- CVE-2005-3806: A bug in IPv6 flow label handling code could be used
by a local attacker to free non-allocated memory and in turn corrupt
kernel memory and likely crash the machine.

- CVE-2005-3807: A memory kernel leak in VFS lease handling can
exhaust the machine memory and so cause a local denial of
service. This is seen in regular Samba use and could also be
triggered by local attackers.

- CVE-2005-3055: Unplugging an user space controlled USB device with
an URB pending in user space could crash the kernel. This can be
easily triggered by local attacker.

- CVE-2005-3180: Fixed incorrect padding in Orinoco wireless driver,
which could expose kernel data to the air.

- CVE-2005-3044: Missing sockfd_put() calls in routing_ioctl() leaked
file handles which in turn could exhaust system memory.

- CVE-2005-3527: A race condition in do_coredump in signal.c permits
local users to cause a denial of service (machine hang) by triggering
a core dump in one thread while another thread has a pending SIGSTOP.

Solution :
Network Security Threat Level: High

Networks Security ID:

Vulnerability Assessment Copyright: This script is Copyright (C) 2005 Tenable Network Security

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