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If through a vulnerability assessment, a network security issue is detected for the vulnerability below, applying the appropriate security patches in a timely matter is very important.  If you have detected that your system has already been compromised, following CERT's Network Security recovery document will assist with recommended steps for system recovery.

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Vulnerability Assessment Details

Kuang2 the Virus

Vulnerability Assessment Summary
Checks for Kuang2 the Virus

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Assessment

Kuang2 the Virus was found.

Kuang2 the Virus is a program that infects all
the executables on the system, as well as set up
a server that permits the remote control of the
computer. The client program permits files to be
browsed, uploaded, downloaded, hidden, etc on the
infected machine. The client program also can
execute programs on the remote machine.

Kuang2 the Virus also has tests that can be used
that permits the client to do things to the remote
machine, such as hide the icons and start menu,
invert the desktop, pop up message windows, etc.

More Information:

Disinfect the computer with the latest copy of
virus scanning software. Alternatively, you can
find a copy of the virus itself on the net by
doing an Altavista search. The virus comes with
the server, client and infector programs. The
client program not only permits you to remotely
control infected machines, but disinfect the
machine the client is running on.

Network Security Threat Level: High

Networks Security ID:

Vulnerability Assessment Copyright: This script is Copyright (C) 2000 Scott Adkins

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