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If through a vulnerability assessment, a network security issue is detected for the vulnerability below, applying the appropriate security patches in a timely matter is very important.  If you have detected that your system has already been compromised, following CERT's Network Security recovery document will assist with recommended steps for system recovery.

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Vulnerability Assessment Details

[GLSA-200502-16] ht://Dig: Cross-site scripting vulnerability

Vulnerability Assessment Summary
ht://Dig: Cross-site scripting vulnerability

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Assessment
The remote host is affected by the vulnerability described in GLSA-200502-16
(ht://Dig: Cross-site scripting vulnerability)

Michael Krax discovered that ht://Dig fails to validate the
'config' parameter before displaying an error message containing the
parameter. This flaw could permit a possible hacker to conduct cross-site
scripting attacks.


By sending a carefully crafted message, a possible hacker can inject and
execute script code in the victim's browser window. This permits to
modify the behaviour of ht://Dig, and/or leak session information such
as cookies to the attacker.


There is no known workaround at this time.


All ht://Dig users should upgrade to the latest version:
# emerge --sync
# emerge --ask --oneshot --verbose ">=www-misc/htdig-3.1.6-r7"

Network Security Threat Level: Low

Networks Security ID:

Vulnerability Assessment Copyright: (C) 2005 Michel Arboi

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