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Vulnerability Assessment Details

[DSA695] DSA-695-1 xli

Vulnerability Assessment Summary
DSA-695-1 xli

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Assessment

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in xli, an image viewer
for X11. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies
the following problems:
A buffer overflow in the decoder for FACES format images could be
exploited by a possible hacker to execute arbitrary code. This problem
has already been fixed in xloadimage in
DSA 069.
Tavis Ormandy of the Gentoo Linux Security Audit Team has reported
a flaw in the handling of compressed images, where shell
meta-characters are not adequately escaped.
Insufficient validation of image properties in have been
discovered which could potentially result in buffer management
For the stable distribution (woody) these problems have been fixed in
version 1.17.0-11woody1.
For the unstable distribution (sid) these problems have been fixed in
version 1.17.0-18.
We recommend that you upgrade your xli package.

Solution :
Network Security Threat Level: High

Networks Security ID: 3006

Vulnerability Assessment Copyright: This script is (C) 2005 Michel Arboi

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